About Me

As well as being a freelance writer, my day job is as a qualified and registered therapist who works with young people and adults. I work with many issues, including trauma, sexual abuse, depression and anxiety, difficult relationships and more.

What inspires me is the idea that everyone’s circumstances can be improved, and that everyone deserves to be happy. Sometimes there are practical things about life that need to change, or things need to be looked at from another perspective. Often people just need to talk about their hard stuff and know that someone understands. That could be all it takes.

I started this blog as additional support for people who want to make change in their life. Who want to build a strong bridge to a better future.

I work and live in little New Zealand but have been freelance writing for the worldwide online community for nearly ten years, in various forms.

Can you believe the beautiful photo above is located near to where I live? Feel free to contact me if you want more information 🙂

Have a lovely day!



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